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MTP 2013-14

The Master's thesis / TFE proposals for the academic year 2013-2014.

No. Title Supervisor(s)
01 Modeling the Inertial Parameters of a Robotic Gripper Renaud Detry
02 Modeling a Grasping Platform for Physics Simulation Renaud Detry
03 Minecraft Related Master's Theses : Towards Next Generation AI Quentin Gemine and Damien Ernst
04 Classification géńerique d'images: approches al'eatoires et convolutionnelles Raphaël Marée
05 Analyse de grandes images biomédicales Raphaël Marée
06 Assessing the social benefits of probabilistic criteria for electric power system security management Louis Wehenkel and Efthymios Karangelos
07 Comparative analysis of risk measures for probabilistic security management of electric power systems Louis Wehenkel and Efthymios Karangelos
08 Sujets de TFE dans le domaine de la sélection génomique Tom Druet and Pierre Geurts
09 Développement de méthodes d'apprentissage supervisé Pierre Geurts
10 Machine learning techniques to explore a branch-and-bound tree Louis Wehenkel and Alejandro Marcos Alvarez
11 Machine learning techniques to identify hard constraints in linear programs Louis Wehenkel and Alejandro Marcos Alvarez

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