ELEC0055: Elements of Power Electronics - Fall 2017

Class Schedule

PART I: Bases

Thu Sep 21
8h30 am

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Principles of Steady-State Converter Analysis

Chapter 3 Steady-State Equivalent Circuit Modeling, Losses, and Efficiency


Thu Sep 28
8h30 am

Chapter 13 Basic Magnetics Theory


Thu Oct 5
8h30 am

Chapter 4 Switch Realization

MOSFET, GaN and diode losses

Chapter 5 The Discontinuous Conduction Mode


PART II: Topologies and applications

Thu Oct 12
8h30 am

No lecture

Thu Oct 19
8h30 am

Chapter 6 Converter Circuits

Heat sinks and component temperature control

Electromagnetic compatibility tips for Power Converters


PART III: Digital control

Thu Oct 26
8h30 am

Chapter 1 Continuous-time averaged modeling of DC-DC converters


Thu Nov 2

No course

Thu Nov 9
8h30 am

Chapter 2 The digital control loop


Thu Nov 16
8h30 am


Thu Nov 23
8h30 am

The complete control loop design process


Thu Nov 30
8h30 am

Question and answers session

Additional ressources

The inductor design procedure can be found in chapter 14 of the reference book and in the associated slides: Chapter 14 slides
The transformer design procedure can be found in chapter 15 of the reference book and in the associated slides: Chapter 15 slides
The "Magnetics Design Tables" can be found in the appendix 2 of the reference book: Appendix 2
Available cores in the ACE laboratory: RM12_N87, ETD29_3C90, ETD39_3C90, ETD49_3C90, ETD59_3C90
Material specifications: 3C90, N87
Themal estimations, slides form the book "POWER ELECTRONICS: Converters, Applications and Design, Mohan and Undeland and Robbins": Thermal
Electromagnetic Compatibility Tips for Power Converters: EMC Tips for Power Converters
Spice and Matlab/Octave sources files for the controller design: Controller

Page revision: 2017-10-24