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Bureau: Institut Montefiore, II96 (Parking 32)


Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Institut Montefiore)
Signal Processing Group
Université de Liège
Sart-Tilman, B28
B-4000 Liège, BELGIUM


The main goal of brain surgery is to remove as much as possible of lesional tissues, while avoiding contacts with eloquent areas. Surgery is planned on the basis of preoperative images of multiple modalities, such as CT, sMRI, fMRI. It is generally performed using an image-guided navigation system that relates the 3D preoperative images to patient coordinates. However, throughout surgery, the brain deforms, mostly as a result of surgical acts, such as retraction and resection. As surgery progresses, preoperative images become progressively less representative of the brain, and navigation accuracy decreases. My work is to evaluate brain deformations from reduced-quality intraoperative images acquired at several critical points during surgery, and to update in real-time during surgery all high-quality preoperative images using a nonrigid registration technique based on a biomechanical model of the brain. My research focuses on the enhancement of this biomechanical model,for the modelling of brain incision and tissues resection occurring during operation.


FEM/XFEM-Based Modeling of Brain Shift, Resection, and Retraction for Image-Guided Surgery, 26 February 2009
Thesis manuscript
Thesis defense


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