University of Liège — Thibaut Cuvelier | Research engineer at Montefiore Institute


Modelling the industrial flexibility from the electricity consumption and HR points of view (21 April 2017, COMEX)

Electro-intensive companies are very sensitive to electricity price variations. This is why flexibility is very important to them: they adapt their production to the price fluctuations, and can thus decrease their costs by a large amount. However, most studies of flexibility tend to ignore the human aspect of flexibility. Our approach reconciles both aspects: electricity costs and human resources management.

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A Journey through Julia (17 November 2016, Geeks anonymes)

Julia is a programming language that aims at being both dynamic and fast — and it does so. This small journey will take you from some guiding principles in Julia (those that make it fast), and then to the many packages the community created, so that you can make the most of it without spending hours in the documentation.

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