Current July 2013

Research engineer / PhD student at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Montefiore Institute), University of Liège, Liège
GREDOR project

Have been devising, developing and testing a number of methods and algorithms which will allow Distribution System Operators to improve the real-time monitoring and control of their Medium-Voltage network, within the context of : a larger hosting of a significant number of dispersed renewable energy sources, and an increased usage of demand side management (flexible loads).

Jun 2013 Oct 2012 

Electrical manager at Pars Eltek Energy Company, Tehran
Solar section

Managed the engineering and commissioning of grid connected and off-grid solar photovoltaic projects; engineered the battery, Charge regulator and Inverter documents; achieved good technical knowledge in high power UPS as well as battery, charge regulator and Inverter.

Oct 2012 Nov 2010 

Design engineer at Monenco consulting engineering Corp., Tehran
Combined cycle power plant section

Designed and analysed the medium/low voltage switchgear Documents; performed load flow and short circuit study; analysed power transformer documents; designed grounding system; designed cable tray/ladder and conduit layout; designed DCS I/O list; prepared tender documents; achieved good technical knowledge of combined cycle power plants.

Sep 2010 Sep 2008 

Master of Science (MSc) at University of Tehran, Tehran
Power electrical engineering

Thesis: Control of Micro Grid Variables in Islanding Mode

Sep 2008 Sep 2004 

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran
Power electrical engineering

Thesis: Speed Control of DC and Single Phase Induction Motors