Rodolphe Sepulchre


University of Cambridge
Department of Engineering  (Control Group)
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK.



Systems and Modeling 
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, B28
Université de Liège
B-4000 Liege Sart-Tilman, Belgium.

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2013- Professor of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Fellow of Sidney Sussex college.
2013  Elected at the Royal Academy of Belgium.
2012-  Director of Orchestron, INRIA Lille Nord-Europe.
2009-2011  Department Chair
2010 IEEE CSS Distinguished Lecturer
2010 IEEE Fellow
2009-2010 Invited Professor, Mines Paris-Tech
2008 IEEE CSS Ruberti young researcher prize
2000-2012  Invited Professor, Université catholique de Louvain.
2002-2003 Visiting fellow, Princeton University.
1995-1997 FNRS Research Associate, Université catholique de Louvain.
1994-1996 B.A.E.F. Fellow, Research Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara.
1994 Ph.D. Université catholique de Louvain.

Research interests

My research involves nonlinear dynamics, control, and optimization. Specific current interests include:

Publications Most  preprints are available from arxiv. Most  publications can be downloaded from here.
The complete list is also available (Sep 2013). See also my GS profile :  My Citations

Books Optimization on Matrix Manifolds, Princeton University Press, 2008.  
A pdf version of the book is freely available from the publisher website.
We also maintain a page with some information about the book.

Constructive Nonlinear Control, Springer Verlag, 1997.
The book is out of print. You can download  the monograph here (pdf format, 1,5MB)

PhD Students  

(Contact me for opportunities)
Raphaël Liégeois   Machine learning for neuroimaging data (2011- )
Julie Dethier (FNRS) Neural mechanisms that connect unicellular and network rhythms  (2011- )
Bamdev Mishra  (FNRS) Low-rank optimization (2010- ) (co-supervised by F. Bach)
Postdoc Alexandre Mauroy  Dynamical systems, control theory, neuroscience.
Mathieu Claeys  Large-scale optimization
Anne Collard  Statistical processing of diffusion tensor images
Mattia Zorzi (FNRS) Statistical inference for neuroimaging
Guillaume Drion  Orchestron project
Fulvio Forni (FNRS)   Contraction analysis for nonlinear control
Alessio Franci  Orchestron project
Former PhD students   Anne Collard (2009-2013) Postdoc, Universite de Liege.
Laura Trotta    (2009-2013) Analysis of performance and robustness of biological switches
Pierre Sacré (FNRS, 2008-2013) Postdoc, Imperial College, UK.
Guillaume Drion  (2008-2013). Postdoc, Universite de Liege.
Alexandre Mauroy (FNRS, 2007-2011). Postdoc, University of California, Santa Barbara.
Gilles Meyer (FNRS, 2007-2011). Consultant NSide, Belgium.
 Michel Journée (FNRS, 2005-2009). Researcher at Royal Meteorological Institute, Brussels.
Alain Sarlette (FNRS, 2005-2009).  Assistant Professor, Gent University.
Christophe Germay (2003-2008) Epslog, Founder and Managing Director.
Renaud Ronsse (2002-2007).  Assistant Professor, Université catholique de Louvain.
Guy-Bart Stan (FNRS, 2000-2005).  Lecturer, Imperial College London, UK.
Manuel Gérard (FNRS, 2000-2005).  Consultant Avaloq, Luxembourg.
Pierre-Antoine Absil
(FNRS, 1998-2003). Professor, Université catholique de Louvain.
Frédéric Grognard
(FNRS, 1997-2001). Researcher at INRIA-Sophia Antipolis.
Former Postdocs  Denis Efimov  (2008-2009). Researcher at INRIA-Lille, France.
Christian Lageman  (2008- 2009) Researcher, Würzburg University, Germany.
Silvere Bonnabel (2007-2008). Assistant Professor,  Mines Paris-Tech, France.
Emre Tuna  (2006 - 2007). Professor, Middle East Technical University, Turkey.
Luca Scardovi  (2005-2007), Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Canada.
Dong Eui Chang (2004-2005), Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada.
Javier Moreno(2004-2005),  Professor,  Citedi,  Mexico
Pierre Ansay (2000-2001). Nomics, Founder and Managing Director.
Jose De Dona (2000). Associate Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Teaching Visit our biomedical engineering program 
SYST 002 : Modélisation et analyse des systèmes 
SYST 003 : Analyse des systèmes et introduction à leur synthèse 
SYST 017 : Systèmes  non-linéaires
GBIO 011: Modélisation des systèmes biologiques
GBIO 016: Introduction to systems biology
GBIO 001: Introduction au génie biomédical
Spring04: A graduate course on Integral Quadratic Constraints, taught with U. Jonsson (KTH) and J. Willems (KUL)
An interview at the Royal Academy of Belgium (December 2013,  in French).
I stopped shaving on Jan. 15, 2011. Here is why. I shaved again on Dec. 2, 2011. Finally.
Editorial tasks Editor-in-Chief (2010- ) or Systems and Control Letters (Elsevier)
Associate Editor (2007-2012) of SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization
Associate Editor (2008-2011) of Journal of Nonlinear Science (Springer)   
Associate Editor (1999-2002) of Automatica (Elsevier) 
Associate Editor (1999-) of Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems (Springer Verlag) 
Co-Editor with Eduardo Sontag of the Nonlinear Control Abstracts e-letter 
Links Our lab is funded by the  Interuniversity Attraction Pole IAP VI/4 in systems and control
Recently organized Workshops and minicourses
Member of CESAME (Center for Systems Engineering and Applied Mechanics))
Partner in the European Control Training Site and the HYCON network of excellence
Committee member of the Graduate School in Systems and Control

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