François Schnitzler


I am now a post-doc at the Technion. Here is my new site.
New email:

My name is François Schnitzler. I was born in Liège in 1985. I graduated from the University of Liège as electronic engineer in June 2008.

I am a PhD student in Machine Learning in the Systems and Modeling Research Unit, at the University of Liège (Belgium). I am working on learning and representation of high-dimensional probability densities.

I am currently supported by a F.R.I.A. - Fonds de la Recherche pour l’Industrie et l’Agriculture scholarship.

François Schnitzler
PhD Student
University of Liège - Department of Electrical Engineering
Montefiore Institute
Building B28, Parking P32
B-4000 Liege, BELGIUM
Tel : +32 4366 2718
Email :

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