In this course, groups of 4-6 students will carry out a substantial integrated software project, which mainly builds on the knowledge, know-how and skills achieved during their bachelor studies (i.e., programming, software engineering, data bases, operating systems and networks), with the goal of consolidating and integrating them, while achieving a realistic project for real users. The project will include several sprints during which a done, usable, and potentially releasable product increment will be created. Seminars and continuous project reviews will also be organized to teach fundamentals in project management and group coordination.



This year, 4 different subjects are proposed. Each student may indicate his preferences (ranking subject from best to worst). Teams will then be built based on preferences (as far as possible). A Google Form has been setup for voting. Please, indicate your choice by Wednesday September, 20th, 18:00, hard deadline. Teams and assigned subjects will then be announced by Friday September, 22nd.

The subjects are the following (note that, to each subject, is assigned one or more coaches):

During the Integrated Project, each team will be forced to use dedicated development and reporting tools. In particular:


Teams of students (a team might count 5 or 6 students) are pseudo-randomly generated. When building the teams, we ensured a diversity of student profiles in each group (e.g., computer scientists, civil engineers, Erasmus, ...) and try to meet subject preferences of team members.

Each team is fixed and cannot be modified during the project duration. However, due to the fact that, up to now (23/09), we still don't have the full list of students registered to the course, we might apply some marginal corrections in the next few days (we hope, however, to not modify teams).

To each team is assigned an ID, i.e., groupX, were X belongs to {1...5}. Please, refer to your group ID (in particular the value of the variable X) to:

The teams and their assigned subject are indicated here.


A set of theoretical courses/seminars on project management will be animated by Jean-Louis Binot (see the Documents section for details and copies of the slides and the Agenda section for logistic details).

Attending those courses/seminars is mandatory.

Courses and review meeting will be held in room 2.93 (B28)


Deliverables of the project must be submitted through the official submission server (see here). The platform requires each student to register first (using ULg ID and ULg email address) and, next, register to the course (PROJ0010). Groups must be then created on the platform using the group ID (i.e., a number belonging to {1, ..., 6}) indicated in the group list.

Deadlines for the various deliverables are strict. No extension will be allowed during the project duration. Each group who does not provide on time a deliverable will receive a 0/20 for that deliverable.