Electronics Engineer, PhD

I made my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Vanderbemden at the University of Liège, in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I'm a dedicated and hard-working electrical engineer enjoying solving practical and technical problems. I'm able to collect and analyse data while demonstrating logical and critical thinking skills. I'am an open-minded team player with a sense of responsibility and fairness.

To contact me, please use my LinkedIn page.


Research interests

My PhD thesis is about superconductivity and focus on the magnetic properties of large, bulk superconductors; I studied the magnetic interaction between (RE)BCO superconductors and surrounding soft ferromagnetic materials.

It mainly involved:

  • - Low-level electrical and magnetic measurements in cryogenic environment;
  • - Design, construction and automation of homemade measurement systems;
  • - Modelling in finite element software;
  • - Analysis of the measurement and modelling results.


The list of my publications is available on ORBi (ULg institutional repository) or here as a downloadable PDF file.

My article Influence of soft ferromagnetic sections on the magnetic flux density profile of a large grain, bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductor has been selected by the Editors of Superconductor Science and Technology (SUST) for inclusion in the Highlights of 2015 collection and is free to read.

Main topics

  • Magnetic measurements
  • Superconductivity
  • Large, bulk (RE)BCO superconductors
  • Soft ferromagnetic materials


Last publications:



I was in charge of the laboratory sessions for Mesures Electriques and Sensors, microsensors and instrumentation. This included teaching, global organization, scheduling, and assessments. Information for students are available on MyULg.

Science outreach

Philippe Vanderbemden's team is involved in many science outreach events for children and teenagers, such as le Printemps des Sciences, les Mardis de l'Ingénieur, Matière à penser, etc.