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NOTE : My website is still under construction and will evolve over time. This includes this page which will also probably be subject to some evolutions. It was created promptly in order to communicate useful informations about the exercise sessions and the project and to give you access as soon as possible to the slides of the sessions. Thank you for your understanding.


Lab Statements:

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Project Idea Presentation:

For the presentation, you are invited to present a few slides which describe your project and how you plan to implement it. The aim of this presentation is to assess the feasibility of your idea based on our experience and to guide you toward something more adapted to the awaited level if necessary. For this step to be interesting, we encourage you to think about practical details (such as sensors and actuators type for example) and to anticipate as much as possible the practical difficulties that you could encounter during the implementation and to summarize them during the presentation.

Project schedule:





Fri Oct 6

Group formation

Send me a mail with your group

If you can not find a group, please contact me by mail or at the end of the next exercise session

Mon Oct 8 2pm

Presentation of proposed student projects

Only for the major project in electronics

Fri Oct 12 10am

Lab 1, in r.100

Group A : 10:00-11:00

Group B : 11:00-12:00

Don’t forget to make your preparation.

Fri Oct 19, instead of the exercise session

Presentation of proposed student projects + live feedback

Only for the embedded systems project

Fri Oct 26

Lab 2, in r.100

Group B : 10:00-11:00

Group A : 11:00-12:00

Don’t forget to make your preparation.

Fri Nov 16

Lab 3, in r.100

Group A : 10:00-12:00

Don’t forget to make your preparation.

Mon Nov 19

Hardware and software architecture

The 3-6 pages report should include the electronic schematic of your circuit and a clear description of the software architecture taking into account time critical constraints.

Send you component order files with your report.

Fri Nov 23

Lab 3, in r.100

Group B : 10:00-12:00

Don’t forget to make your preparation.

Mon Feb 18

Sensor and actuators validation

The final circuit has to be implemented and critical building blocks have to be validated. The main processor has to be running and has to be able to interact with the different components of your circuit (e.g. communicate with sensors, display a simple text if you use a display, drive your motor(s), etc).

The 3-4 pages report should present and describe the status of your project (i.e. what you have achieved at this point and what remains to perform). In this report, you are also asked to present your (new or updated) electronic schematic.

!! Deadline extended !!

Mon Apr 1

System modules interaction check

All system modules (microprocessor, motor, sensors, ...) of the system have to operate together. The goal is to detect interaction issues early before the final deadline. A one page report is required that just lists the observed problems and the proposed solutions.

Wed May 13

Final report

The final report should include all relevant information. All motivations of any critical choices affecting the final design should be explained. Your report will therefore be self sufficient (this means for example that someone who has followed the course but was not involved in your particular project can understand your purpose, your choices and the work you did only by reading this report).

Those constraints obviously imply to include and remind some points which were already explained in the previous reports (such as your project subject, the choice and the functionality of some important components, your electronic circuit with an explanation of its different parts, your choice of architecture with all the time constraints it has to fulfil and your code organisation in this architecture for example)

You are asked to send your code files with the report.

Mon May 27

Project presentations

From 9h to 10h40 (location: 1.18): each group will present its project (slideshow) during maximum 20 minutes, then 5 minutes will be dedicated to questions and answers.

Only for the students taking part to the major project in electronics

Mon May 27

Project presentations

(location: R100): practical live demonstrations of your project

For everyone

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