INFO0054 - Functional programming

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There are very different programming styles. I tend to see them as Mozart versus Beethoven. When Mozart started to write, the composition was finished. He wrote the manuscript and it was 'aus einem Guss' (from one cast). In beautiful handwriting, too. Beethoven was a doubter and a struggler who started writing before he finished the composition and then glued corrections onto the page. In one place he did this nine times. When they peeled them, the last version proved identical to the first one.

Edsger W. Dijkstra



Ex. 05 Feb. 2019

Exercise session 1

Ex. 12 Feb. 2019

Exercise session 2

YouTube Multiplier rien du tout

YouTube A explanation of tail-recursion

Ex. 19 Feb. 2019

Exercise session 3

Interrogation 26 Feb. 2019

16:00 Amphi De Méan (B31)

This interrogation should be of the same level of difficulty as:

/ 06 Mar. 2019




12 Mar. 2019

Exercise session 4



19 Mar. 2019

Exercise session 5

Interrogation 26 Mar. 2019

16:00 A202 (B7b)

This interrogation should be of the same level of difficulty as:

Ex. 02 Apr. 2019

Exercise session 6

/ 09 Apr. 2019

Easter holidays

/ 16 Apr. 2019

Easter holidays

Ex. 23 Apr. 2019

Exercise session 7

Deadline 23 Apr. 2019, 23h59 Don't forget to submit your project.


30 Apr. 2019

16:00 A202 (B7b)

Ex. 07 May. 2019 Exercise session 8
Ex. 14 May 2019 Exercise session 9


Racket (Interpreteur Scheme - Linux/Windows/Mac)

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The Blub Paradox
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