INFO0004  â€“  2009-2010
Programming Languages: From Text to Execution

Project 1

Individual project in 3 steps. The students are given the design of an object-oriented solution to a simplified version of the casino card game Blackjack, and are asked to implement this solution in C++.

The 3-steps structure is meant to guide the students in their work but not all steps will be graded; only the final complete project (3rd step) will be graded.

[UP] You can now download here the PDF document for Project 1. This project will finally not involve interfaces because they generate subtleties that are to avoid at this stage.

Project 2

Group project in 6 steps. For each group, the goal is to design a small original programming language and develop a compiler able to translate programs written in this new language into Beta assembly language.

More to come about this in the next weeks.