Introduction to Computer Networking

G. Leduc - INFO0010-4 and INFO0010-2 (ULg)

Last update : March 31th 2017

Statement for the second part of the project available.

Information page for the programming assignment

This page is dedicated to materials and information about the programming assignment, split into two parts, to be realized in the context of the INFO0010-X course.

Students attending INFO0010-4 will have to develop the two parts of the assignment. They will work alone for the first part and in groups of two students for the second part.

Students attending INFO0010-2 will only develop the first part of the assignment and can work in groups of two students.



Java Sockets Slides about Socket programming in Java, including guidelines for the first part of the assignment.
Feedback Feedback for the first part of the assignment.
Guidelines #2 Slides with guidelines for the second part of the assignment.



Assignment #1 Statement for the first part of the assignment.
Hard deadline is March, 24th

Statement Characters (csv) Automatic tester (Jar)
Frequently asked questions
How am I supposed to include the characters in my program? Should I read the provided file?
No. You cannot manipulate any file on the file system. Instead, you should manually add each character into a structure, e.g. ArrayList, so that you can work with them in memory only.
How do I know my group number?
In the submission platform, you can navigate to the corresponding project, and select "View Groups" on the left to see the groups and their associated number. You might have to submit something first, but the number of authorized submissions is infinite, and each submission erases the previous one without changing your group number, so that's not a problem.
The submission platform won't give you a group number. Instead, use port 2XXX where XXX are the last three digits of your ULg ID.
What is the expected answer to "1 2 0" (status)?
The answer is composed of 3 bytes (1 1 18), then 18 bytes, one for each character, whose value is 0 if the character is discarded, and 1 if the character could be the secret one. Note that it's the value 0 and 1, not the characters '0' nor '1'.
Assignment #2 Statement for the second part of the assignment.
Hard deadline is May, 19th