ELEC 0431: Electromagnetic energy conversion - Spring 2017

Class Schedule

R.30 (B6d), S.38 (B6d)
Wed 08/02- No class -
Wed 15/02S74 (B4), S.38 (B6d) General introduction, Maxwell's equations, Magnetic circuits (slides) Exercise session 1: Circuits and phasors, tri-phase systems
Wed 22/02S74 (B4), S.38 (B6d) Magnetic circuits (cont'd); Transformer: equivalent circuit (slides) Exercise session 2: Magnetic circuits, Transformer
Wed 01/03S74 (B4) Transformer: electric and magnetic losses, exterior characteristic, simulations Exercise session 3: DC machines
Wed 08/03S74 (B4), S.38 (B6d) Synchronous machines: physical principle, equivalent circuit, Potier and Behn-Eschenburg diagrams (slides) Exercise session 4: DC + Synchronous machines
Wed 15/03R.30 (B6d), S.38 (B6d) Synchronous machines: torque, network connection, simulations Exercise session 5: Synchronous machines
Wed 22/03S74 (B4) Asynchronous machines: equivalent circuit, torque, efficiency, start-up, simulations (slides) Exercise session 6: Asynchronous machines
Wed 29/03- No class -
Wed 05/04- No class -
Wed 12/04- No class -
Wed 19/04S74 (B4) Asynchronous machines: speed control, circle diagram -
Wed 26/04S74 (B4) DC machines: generators (slides) -
Wed 03/05S74 (B4) DC machine: motors Exercise session 7: System design using datasheets
Wed 10/05S74 (B4) Electronic control systems: AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC (slides) Exercise session 8: Electronic control systems
Wed 17/05S74 (B4) Questions and Answers -

Interactive simulations

  1. Download the simulation code for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android or iOS (iPhone & iPad).
  2. Launch the app
  3. Open a model:
  4. Press `Run'
Selection of models: