APRI0007: Major project in electronics - 2018-2019

Class Schedule

    • 1st quadrimester (17 September - 17 December): Monday pm, Montefiore R21.
      Attention: the first course (September 17th 2018) will take place at 0/33 (B37 Institut de Mathématiques).

    • 2nd quadrimester (18 February - 27 May): Monday am, Montefiore R21.

MAN = Management; ELE = Power Electronics; EMB = Embedded Systems; LCS = Linear Control Systems; SOF = Soft Skills


    • Build an embedded system that includes a feedback controlled function and a power converter.

    • The electronic circuit should work with any input DC voltage between 20 V and 30 V and should implement a digitally controlled power converter.

    • The power converter switching frequency should be greater that 20 kHz (30 kHz is recommended).

    • The digital control sampling frequency should be equal to the switching frequency. Special care should be taken for the selection of the control processor.

    • The interface with the signal generator for open circuit test has to be discussed and validated with J. Arban.

    • The software architecture should involve concurrent tasks and real-time constraints.

    • Intermediate progress reports are mandatory.

    • Tabular and graphical data presentations are highly recommended for the comparison of theoretical, simulations and experimental results.

    • Report length has to be respected. The reports file name format is “deadline xx project title.ext”. The first page of the report must include the deadline title, the project title and all team member names.

    • Budget: 100 EUR.

    • Be rigorous and ingenious!

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