Main Interests/Profile

My main two interests are software development and computer networks. As a computer enthusiast, I enjoy programming and seek pragmatic solutions. As a researcher for several years, I have a strong theoretical background.

Professional Experience

  • PEPITe S.A.
    Software Architect
    • PEPITe is an SME active in the field of Data Mining applied to various topics (e.g. manufacturing processes).
    • Architect of PEPITe's software, PEPITo®. PEPITo is a leading-edge data-mining software implementing state-of-the art automatic learning methods. It is written in Common LISP and C++.
  • ERDAS (formerly Leica LGGI)
    Software Engineer in the Research & Development team
    • ERDAS exposes geospatial information using open standards; to this aim, it is an active member of the OGC consortium and the ISO organization.
    • I am a Java (J2EE), thick client, and web client developper (JS/AJAX).
    • I am regularly involved in the training of colleagues and partners worldwide.
  • University of Liège, Belgium
    Researcher in the Research Unit in Networking
    Under the supervision of Guy LEDUC
    • This work allowed me to strengthen my knowledge of computer networks.
    • It has led to the publication of several scientific papers presented in major conferences worldwide. This experience enhanced my communication skills (both written and oral, in public) and taught me how to explain (sometimes complex) topics in a synthetic way.
    • Regular contacts with students improved my pedagogic skills. I have notably supervised several graduation thesis, and have been involved in several courses (computer architecture, parallel systems, embedded systems, intrusion detection, and computer networks).
  • Researcher in Theoretical Computer Science
    Under the supervision of Pierre WOLPER
    • My research involved the automatic verification of computer programs by means of a symbolic representation of their state space.


  • University of Liège, Belgium
    Ph.D. in Applied Sciences
    • My research topic is the prediction of the motion of mobile users in wireless networks, and using this information so as to improve the network quality of service.
    • This work required both a good understanding of computer networks and theoretical research in the field of automatic learning.
  • Postgraduate degree in Computer Sciences
    With highest honor summa cum laude
  • Graduated in Applied Sciences
    With great honor
    As an Engineer in Computer Science
    • My thesis involved the implementation of an early draft of a security protocol (with Cisco).


French (mother tongue) and English (fluent).

Computer Skills

  • Languages: Mainly Java, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C++, Common LISP. Occasionally Perl, shell scripting, PHP,...
  • Good knowledge of computer networks in general.
  • Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD), Windows.
  • Experience as a system administrator of a medium (100+) organisation (knowledge of NIS, LDAP, NFS, Apache, Oracle, and MySQL among others).


  • I have been in a youth movement (Patro) for 15 years, including 5 as a leader.
  • I am giving evening JavaScript courses for the Institut Saint Laurent (promotion sociale, Liège).
  • I played basketball and squash for many years. I also enjoy playing mini-foot, running, and riding my mountain bike.
  • I like exercising my skills in electronics (e.g. I have been involved in the Eurobot robotic contest for a few years).
  • I enjoy reading (mainly humour and exact sciences).