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Eurobot 2013

European Cup of Robotics

Our good results in the Belgian Cup of Robotics have qualified us for Eurobot, the European final.
This Competition took place on may 9 - 12 in the town of Ferté-Bernard, in France.

For this final, only 3 teams of each country are allowed to compete.
Together with the teams of Monstralhappytech (Mons) and Octopic (Bruxelles), we formed the belgian delegation to this turnament.
19 nations were present, including extra-european countries: Canada, Taiwan, Tunisia,...

At the end of this event, our team reached the 4th position of the european ranking!

The competition

This competition consists of a "round phase", were each team plays 5 games. Afterwards, the first 16 teams are qualified for a direct second-elimination phase, beginning in 1/8th of final.

Here are our results in the round phase:
  • Robothrill (Serbia) - Montefiore Team: 73-89
  • Montefiore Team - UNICT-TEAM (Italy): 101-0
  • RCA (Germany) - Montefiore Team: 89-109
  • Montefiore Team - RCVA (France): 81 - 173
  • Montefiore Team - Omybot (France): 105 69
After these 5 games, we reached the 5th place of the ranking, so that we were qualified for the next phase.
Moreover, as Monstralhappytech and Octopic were also present in the top 16, the whole belgian delegation was qualified !

For our first game of direct-elimination phase, we were opposed to Octopic, so that it was a all-belgian game. During this match, our elephant robots finally got to use their trunk to build a tower of 4 glasses !

The 4th of final opposed us to the CRH team, the Swiss Champion, whose robot is able to build a 8 glass tower !

Then came the half-final, were we played RCVA, France Vice-Champion and winner of 75% of all the European Cup !
We lost (after tying a first game), but against such a team, this is really not a disappointing performance.

In the small final, we were opposed to our friends of RoboterClub Aachen, the German Champion.
This game was very pleasant to watch: lovely trajectories, lots of points scored, nice avoidances... At the end, our opponents had more points. This game was so nice pleasant that we were not disappointed to loose it !

This route allowed us to reach the 4th place of the european ranking, the best performance our team ever done. We would like to congratulate the winners, the University of Angers (1st), RCVA (2nd) and RCA (3rd), as well as the CVRA team (jury prize) for their wonderful robot!

Beyhond the competiton, we also remember all the good moments spend discussing with other teams, comparing methods and approaches, discussing on technologies, algorithms, beers...

We would also like to thank everyone for this awesome athmosphere, not only during the games but also on the stands, on the petanque field, around the grill... An awesome expérience !

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