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Eurobot 2013

Swiss Cup of Robotics

The 2013 edition of the Swiss Cup of Robotics took place on may 3 to 4 in Sion.
This competition is open to foreign teams and has a very interesting final phase system, were one has to loose two games to be eliminated.

At the end of this competition, our robots won the turnament !

The competition

On friday and saturday took place the 7 games composing the round phase.

We had a lot of variability in those games: our little robots gave us many problems, so that we loose all our games on saturday morning !
Luckily, we were able to solve all problems for the final phase, were we won all our games.
In short, this competition gave us many useful informations just a few days before the European Cup !

We want to greet the new Swiss Champion, CRH, whose robot is able to built towers of 8 glasses !
Let's greet as well CVRA, whose robot has a very elegant mecanics and movements.


Below are linked the videos of the games we recorded:

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