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Eurobot 2013

Belgian Cup of Robotics

The 2013 edition of the Belgian Cup of Robotics took place on April 13-14 in the University of Mons.
While it is the national qualification of the Eurobot competition, many foreign teams joined as well, mainly from France, Switzerland and Germany.

At the end of this event, our two robots reached the 1st position of the competition !

Our robots

As last year, we built two robots, but this time, we made them look like small elephants !
Let us present you Joy, the small kid, and Lee, his mother!

Joy Lee

They both extensively use several features developed the previous years: a steerable motor wheel, dynamic positioning system, IA, synchronisation,...
Like real elephants, they are also equipped with a real trunk : a robotic arm carrying a suction pad, so that it can catch and displace objects.

The competition

The first phase of the contest consists of playing 5 games and gather as many points as possible. The 8 best teams are then selected for a direct-elimination phase, starting in fourth of final.

During the first phase, we lost two games and had 3 victories, but were first of the ranking !

The second phase of the competition was very tense: one little mistake can directly lead to a defeat ! Moreover, at this stage of the contest, all the opposing robots are very well developed, so that each game is harder and harder...

Luckily for us, Lee & Joy overcame their opponents and won all their games !

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