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Eurobot 2012

Belgian Cup of Robotics

The 2012 edition of the Belgian Cup of Robotics took place on April 14-15 in Frameries. While it is the national qualification of the Eurobot competition, many foreign teams joined as well, mainly from France and Germany.
At the end of this event, our two robots reached the 3rd position of the competition !

Our robots

Fritz Fritz
Taking advantage of this year's rules, our team presents two robots: Bull, the small one with big teeth, and Fritz, the big one. They are shown below during a final test a few hours before the competition.
They both feature a steerable motor wheel, dynamic positioning system, IA, synchronisation,... More informations can be found on our poster here.

Bull & Fritz [H - 4]

The competition

The first phase of the contest consists of playing 5 games and gather as many points as possible. The 8 best teams are then selected for a direct-elimination phase, starting in fourth of final.

During the first phase, we lost a game, tied one and had 3 victories. This enabled us to go to the next round, where the opposition was fierced and the other robots well developed.

Sadly, we lost our semi-final game: Fritz decided not to take part in the game and stayed in the starting area. Bull did the best he could, but this was not enough and we lost the game 11 to 10. As we suspected a battery problem due to the quite long warmup phase, our opponent team, Plastivore, agreed to replay, which was quite fair-play from them. However, even with new batteries, Fritz continued its strike and, again, Bull lost against the two well-designed robots of Plastivore.

Having its own kind of humor, Fritz decided then to take part in the small final, so that he and Bull won their last game.

Sometimes it looks like robots have their reasons that reason ignore !

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