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Montefiore Team and its robot "Wilbur" qualified for the final phase of the International Robotic's Cup which took place from june 28 to july 3 in Astrakhan (Russia).

At the end of this competion, we reached the 10th position in the world ranking and came first belgian team!


The competition was hosted in А́страхань, in Russia. This city lies in the Volga delta, near the Caspian Sea, and is situated about 1300km from Moscow (see Wikipedia).

The final phase opposed the 3 best teams of 23 countries from Europe and beyhond. Each year, the competition welcomes more and more teams from countries outside Europe (Tunisia, Algeria, Malaysia, Mexico,...).

For this contest, each qualified team must first homologates its robot. This is where the organisation checks that the machine respects the rules of the turnament (size, collision avoidance system,...).
Then, each robot must play 5 so-called "round games", in which points are earned. At the end of these 5 games, the first 16 teams go to 1/8th of final. From then on, it is a standard "direct elmination" phase.


Our first game opposed us to the russian team "Virus". Our robot won the game 120 - 60 ! (see the video)
However, Wilbur had many problems: he couldn't move smoothly, made some positionning mistake and appeared to be quite indecisive.

We played the team RoBUTE, from Hungary. Their robot and ours are the only machines of the Eurobot Final using "Kinect" 3D cameras.
This time again, Wilbur was able to score more than our opponent ! (see the video)

After a night working to solve our grip problem, it was time to play our third game, against the other belgian team of Inraci.
Wilbur won the game, but the grip problem was still present. (see the video)

We faced the robot of Eurobot Engineering team, from Spain. The game was replayed: on the first game, their robot started spinning and hit us several time before the referee pressed the emergency button. (see the video)
Luckily, no such things happened on the second game. (see the video)

GAME 5 This was our last chance to score enough points so that we would be sure to proceed further in the competition. We modified again the treatment applied to our wheel and this time, our robot was able to realize what he usually does.
We won against the MMM. Malek team and were glad to see Wilbur being competitive again. (see the video)

We were opposed to Roboterclub Aachen in the first game of the "direct elimination" phase.
During the game, both robot tried to reach the same point and crashed onto each other. Our opponent was not able to play well afterward and we won the game. (see the video)

However, even though we could have validated the game and go to 1/4th of final, we preferred to be fair-play and agreed on re-playing the match. This resulted in a beautiful game, in which Wilbur lost 160 to 180. (see the video)

We lost but were glad to be eliminated at the end of a very nice play, against another robot that deserved its victory.

Aside from the competition

We carried more than our robot in Astrakhan: we brought some Pékèt du Perron, which is the traditionnal drink of Liège, our city.

After each game, victory or defeat, we had a drink with some people of the other team and offered them a small bottle of the beverage, as well as a small glass with the coat of arms of the city.
In the end of the competition, we offerered that gift kit to many other teams as well as organisation members.

This gave us a special article from the Astrakhan State University.
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