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Eurobot 2011

Theme of the 2011 contest

This year we are playing chess, sort of. As we're playing a special kind of chess ...
In our chess game you can stack the pawns to have more points.
The goal is to have more points on squares of your own color that opponent has on its own at the end of the match.
But be careful ! All can change in the last second !
The matches involve two teams, one playing as blue, and the other as red. Each team may use only one robot. Every match lasts 90 seconds.


After the final phase of the International Robotics Cup Eurobot, the Montefiore Team ranked 10th in the world ranking !
This contest took place from 28 June to 3 July in Astrakhan, Russia. For more information, visit the section dedicated to the 2011 European Cup.

Previously, during the Belgian Robotics Cup, our robot had also performed well by winning the 4th place of the overall ranking and was the third Belgian team. Details of the national competition are available on the page dedicated to the 2011 Belgian Cup.


In addition to these official competitions, we have also participated in various robotics events (Michelin X-Green Student Days, ArcelorMittal Cup, ...). More informations on the page Events.



The robot which has more pieces on its color wins the match.
Table 2011

Download the rules & technical drawings.


Team 2011

Bernard Boigelot, Stéphane Lens, Vincent Pierlot, Etienne Michel, Guy Lejeune, Jean-François Degbomont, Amandine Leroux, David Saint-Pierre, Frédéric Alewaerts, Sebastian Blesgen, Martin Carbonneau, Vincent Gribomont, Sébastien Mathieu, Minh Thi Tuyet Nguyen, Mathieu Remacle, Maxime Urbin-Choffray.

A big thanks to Angel Calderon & Pascal Harmeling.

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