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Eurobot 2009

In 2009, the team "Montefiore Team" took part for the third time in the Eurobot contest.

Athos modelling

Grasping four elements from dispenser

Building on the central area



rules 2009

Build temples as in the mythical city of Atlantis...

The robot who builds the tallest columns and temples will be declared the winner.

table 2009

Download the rules.


Bernard Boigelot, Vincent Pierlot, Stéphane Lens, Laurent Poirrier, Sébastien Piérard, Jean-François Degbomont, Matthieu Philippe, Denis de Marneffe, Terry Moës, Gauthier Tanier, Vincent Gribomont, Thi Tuyet Minh Nguyen, Benoît Daene, Matthieu Remacle, Guy Lejeune, François Finet.

A big thanks to Angel Calderon, Pascal Harmeling & Antonio Martinez.

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