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Eurobot 2008

In 2008, the team "Montefiore Team" took part for the second time in the Eurobot contest.
With the experience of the previous year, the team aims for the top 3 in the Belgian Cup... and we succeeded !
Frida, our new robot, is vice-champion of Belgium !

On the 56 teams engaged in the Internationnal Contest in Heidelberg (Germany), we ranked 27th, exequo with "Mons Polytech Team 2008".
We have also been selected to promote Eurobot in the Robotika 2008 festival in Riga (Latvia).

Finally, Frida will take part in Printemps des Sciences 2009.

Frida in motion !


Coupe de belgique Riga Robotika 2008 1 Riga Robotika 2008 2 Riga Robotika 2008 3



rules 2008

Find proofs of life and bring them to Earth... For analyse!

The robot which will bring back to Earth the most living organisms in good conditions will be the winner.

table 2008
Download the rules.


Jean-François Biets, Bernard Boigelot, Olivier Brüls, Vincent Christina, Laurent Cloquette, Guillaume Docquier, Adeline Fahsold, Thomas Hayen, Stéphane Lens, Damien Miliche, Sébastien Piérard, Vincent Pierlot, Laurent Poirrier, Bruno Willemaers et Stéphane Witryk.

Un grand merci à Angel Calderon, Pascal Harmeling et Antonio Martinez.

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