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European Robotics Week 2013 in Liège - 2 December 2013

Lee and Joy: The mobile robots from Liège

Since 2007, the Montefiore Team, composed of students and researchers from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Liège, designs and builds autonomous mobile robots in the framework of the Eurobot international contest.

This event is the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the robots Lee and Joy that have reached the first place of the Belgian and Swiss contests in 2013, as well as the 4th place of the international competition. The presentation will also introduce the robots that have been built for previous editions of the contest.

Date: 02.12.2013
Time: 14:30 - 17:00
Event's address: Montefiore Institute, B28, Parking 32
Grande Traverse, 10
University of Liège
B-4000 Liège Sart-Tilman

More information on the event's page.

euRobotics week This event is part of the European Robotics Week –
25 November – 01 December 2013

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Eurobot 2013

Lee & Joy
Lee & Joy, our new robots, ranked first in the Belgian Cup, so that our team is the 2013 Belgian Champion !

After the regular phase of the German Cup, our robots have reached the 2nd place !

Our team as also won the Swiss Cup of Robotics !

In the Eurobot final, our robots have reached the 4th position of the european ranking!

For more informations, please visit the appropriate page: Belgian Cup, European Cup, the 2013 calendar, or follow us on twitter !

Who are we ?

Montefiore Team is a robotic team from the University of Liège (Belgium) involved in the European contest "Eurobot".

This team consists of engineering students from various fields (electronics, computer science, mechanics, ...) doing their master thesis, and of several academic members (researchers and teaching assistants).
The team works under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Boigelot.

Participating to the Eurobot contest is a practical exercise which allowed the students to concretely put into practice the theories taught in the different disciplines and to take part in a stimulating competition, passing through a qualifying phase in Belgium before coming up against the best European university teams.

Team 2012

Brief History :

* 2013: Lee & Joy

2013 Belgian Champion !

2nd position in round phase of the German Cup of Robotics !

1st position in the Swiss Cup of Robotics !

4th position in European Cup of Robotics !

* 2012: Bull & Fritz

3rd position in the Belgian Cup of Robotics !

1st position in the Swiss Cup of Robotics !

Undefeated in official games during the German Cup of Robotics !

* 2011: Wilbur

3rd position in the national ranking and 10th position in the European Final in Russia !

* 2010: Albert

The year of renewal ! Creativity Award and 5th place in Europe !

* 2009: Athos

The year of the technological leap forward ... but things never go according to plan. Some adjustment problems prevented the robot to meet all requirements of the contest.
Athos was not presented, but our work was not in vain and represented a solid basis for the next year !

* 2008: Frida

Using skills learned from the previous year, Montefiore Team built Frida, a robot who became vice-champion of Belgium !

* 2007: Norbert

The Heroic era ! With no experience but a huge motivation, the team qualified and ranked 5th in the Belgian Cup !

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