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David Lupien St-Pierre

A short presentation of myself

My name is David Lupien St-Pierre. I am a Post-doc at TAO/INRIA. I am affiliated with the TAO Research Unit . I do research in Artificial Intelligence and Optimization with a particular emphasis on applications for games and recently for power systems.

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Research interest

In the power systems research field, I mostly focus on investment problem. The problem consist mainly into choosing the best investment project given different scenarios. Each scenario is a forecast of different environmental situations, possible technological advancements and other variables hard to quantify. Luckily all these information are gathered in a matrix and my goal is to optimize the decision making process.

My research in games focuses on the field of Monte Carlo Search (MCS) , which is a sub-area of machine learning concerned with how an agent ought to take actions in an environment so as to maximize a reward. I mainly apply MCS algorithms for multi players/partial information games although I do not relish the occasional single player full information game. Games in general are a passion and a subject of fascination for me. Here are two videos where I discuss my interest in general for games :

Video 1
Video 2