LaBoGrid is a fluid flow simulation tool based on Lattice Boltzmann (LB) methods and oriented towards experimentation (simulation capabilities are easily extendable). It is especially focused on the efficient execution in heterogeneous (regarding installed software, architecture, computational power, etc.) and unreliable distributed environments. However, LaBoGrid can efficiently be executed in more common environments such as homogeneous clusters or simply desktop computers.

LaBoGrid is build on top of DiMaWo framework. LaBoGrid was initially developed at University of Liege, Belgium, in the frame of a collaboration between Algorithmics (now defunct) and Chemical engineering laboratories. It is based on research described in following thesises:

  • Djomice A. Beugre, Etude de l'ecoulement d'un fluide dans des geometries complexes rencontrees en Genie Chimique par la methode de Boltzmann sur reseau (french), Ph.D. thesis, University of Liege, 2010. link
  • Gerard Dethier, Design and Implementation of a Distributed Lattice Boltzmann-based Fluid Flow Simulation Tool, Ph.D. thesis, University of Liege, 2011. link