Since October 2016, I am assistant professor in smart-microgrids within the Montefiore research unit. I am doing my best to apply optimization and machine learning to practical applications in electrical power systems. Before turning to microgrids, I worked on active network management in distribution systems (GREDOR Project), I lead for some time the development of Euphemia, the algorithm that is used by European Power Exchanges for clearing the day-ahead electricity market, and I developed some algorithms for the optimal scheduling of EDF's power plants. I am currently participating to the MeryGrid project that aims at building a pilot community microgrid with and advanced energy storage system and an advanced energy management system.

I am also a contributor and big enthusiast for the ride sharing application that we are developing for the university.


I have one PhD student, Ioannis Boukas (participation of microgrids to markets), and I am working in close collaboration with the team of Pr. Damien Ernst.

Master theses

I am proposing several master thesis topics related to microgrids / optimization / AI / ride sharing. They can be consulted on the website of my faculty.

Open source code

  • Microgrid-bench - a microgrid benchmark for operational planning controllers
  • ANM benchmark - a benchmark for active network management controllers in distribution systems
  • DSIMA - a testbed for the quantitative analysis of interaction models within distribution networks



ELEC0053 Circuits électriques Course description

The course is in french. Supporting material available on myUliège.

PROJ0016 Big data project

A dedicated page with the project organization is here.

ELEC0018-1 Energy Markets

Lecture slides. Organization of European day-ahead electricity markets and the algorithm used for solving the market coupling problem. See the web page of Pr. Damien Ernst for the full course.

ELENO445-1 Microgrids Course description

In 2017, the course was scheduled on Wednesdays from 2PM to 4PM in room I.97, building B28.

Date Lecture content (with link to slides when available) Version Assignment due
19/09/2017 No lecture
26/09/2017 Introduction and course organization + assignment 1 description 2
04/10/2017 Planning the operations of a microgrid 1 1
11/10/2017 Model of microgrid components (part 1) 2
11/10/2017 Assignment 2 presentation 2
18/10/2017 Introduction to mathematical programming 1
25/10/2017 Model of microgrid components (part 2) 2
01/11/2017 No lecture
08/11/2017 No lecture
15/11/2017 Sizing a microgrid + assignment 3 presentation 1 2
22/11/2017 Community microgrids 3
29/11/2017 Reinforcement learning for microgrid operation 1
06/12/2017 No lecture
13/12/2017 Real time control of microgrids. Slides. Articles: Droop-Controlled Inverters are Kuramoto Oscillators, Synchronization and power sharing for droop-controlled inverters in islanded microgrids. They are both freely available for members of the university.
20/12/2017 No lecture 3
12/01/2017 Oral exam, AM, R75, List of questions.