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Bertrand Cornélusse


I am a post-doctoral researcher within the systems and modeling research unit of the Montefiore Institute. I work on the GREDOR project funded by the Walloon Region, in the team of Prof. Damien Ernst. This project consists in rethinking the Walloon electrical distribution networks, because of the challenges originating from the increase of distributed and renewable capacity and the evolution of consumers behavior.

More generally, my research interests are in the optimization of electrical power systems. I am particularly interested in electricity generation planning, electricity markets, network operational planning and demand side management. Well, everything that can be cast to a sequential decision making problem under uncertainty and solved with techniques from Mixed Integer Programming, Stochastic Programming, and Machine Learning.

Short CV

I received my electrical engineering degree in 2006 at the university of Liège. I completed my Ph.D. in 2010 in the systems and modeling research unit of the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Louis Wehenkel.

I worked for a little more than two years as a consultant and software developer for n-Side. I have contributed to the research and development of the algorithm for coupling the European day-ahead electricity markets.