Since October 2017, I am assistant professor in smart-microgrids within the Montefiore research unit. I am doing my best to apply optimization and machine learning to practical applications in electrical power systems. Before turning to microgrids, I worked on active network management in distribution systems (GREDOR Project), I lead for some time the development of Euphemia, the algorithm that is used by European Power Exchanges for clearing the day-ahead electricity market, and I developed some algorithms for the optimal scheduling of EDF's power plants. I am currently participating to the MeryGrid project that aims at building a pilot community microgrid with and advanced energy storage system and an advanced energy management system.

I am also a contributor and big enthusiast for the ride sharing application that we are developing for the university.


I have two PhD students: Mathias Berger (real-time control of microgrids) and Ioannis Boukas (participation of microgrids to markets), and I am working in close collaboration with the team of Pr. Damien Ernst.

Recent teaching activities

Lecture slides from the course "ELEC0018-1 - energy markets, Université de Liège" about the organization of European day-ahead electricity markets and the algorithm used for solving the market coupling problem.