Since October 2016, I am assistant professor in smart-microgrids within the Montefiore research unit. I apply optimization and machine learning to practical applications in electrical power systems. Before turning to microgrids, I worked on active network management in distribution systems (GREDOR Project), I lead for some time the development of Euphemia, the algorithm that is used by European Power Exchanges for clearing the day-ahead electricity market, and I developed some algorithms for the optimal scheduling of EDF's power plants. I am currently participating to the MeryGrid project that aims at building a pilot community microgrid with and advanced energy storage system and an advanced energy management system.


  • Ioannis Boukas, PhD student, participation of microgrids to markets
  • Jonathan Dumas, PhD student, weather based forecasting for electricity markets
  • Selmane Dakir, PhD student, microgrid sizing
  • Michaël Castronovo, Postdoc, software development, reinforcement learning for microgrid management

Master theses

I am proposing several master thesis topics related to microgrids / optimization / AI / ride sharing. They can be consulted on the website of my faculty.

Open source code

  • Microgrid-bench - a microgrid benchmark for operational planning controllers
  • ANM benchmark - a benchmark for active network management controllers in distribution systems
  • DSIMA - a testbed for the quantitative analysis of interaction models within distribution networks



ELEC0053 Circuits électriques Course description

The course is in french. Supporting material available on eCampus.

INFO2059-1 Laboratoire de programmation mathématique et physique 2 Course description

The course is in french. Supporting material available here.

PROJ0016 Big data project

A dedicated page with the project organization is here.

ELEC0018-1 Energy Markets

Lecture slides. Organization of European day-ahead electricity markets and the algorithm used for solving the market coupling problem. See the web page of Pr. Damien Ernst for the full course.

ELENO445-1 Microgrids Course description

In 2018-2019, the course is scheduled on Wednesdays from 2PM to 4PM in room I.97, building B28.

Date Lecture content (with link to slides when available) Assignment due
19/09/2018 Introduction and course organization
26/09/2018 Model of microgrid components (part 1) + lab visit (assignment 1)
03/10/2018 Model of microgrid components (part 2)
10/10/2018 Forecasting for microgrid operation + assignment 2 presentation 1
17/10/2018 Planning the operations of a microgrid + Q&A assignement 2
24/10/2018 Introduction to mathematical programming + Examples + assignment 3 presentation and assignment files
31/10/2018 No lecture 2
07/11/2018 MeryGrid microgrid visit
14/11/2018 Community microgrids + Q&A assignement 3
21/11/2018 Sizing a microgrid + assignment 4 presentation 3
28/11/2018 MiRIS microgrid visit (CMI premises)
05/12/2018 Reinforcement learning for microgrid operation + Q&A assignement 4
12/12/2018 Q&A assignement 4
19/12/2018 No lecture 4
08/01/2019 Oral exam B28, Room I.18, 9 AM. List of questions