A Montefiore/CCLab Seminar

Sponsored by
Institut d’Electricité Montefiore
(Université de Liège)

March 22-25, 1999 Liège, Belgium


Mania Pavella (Seminar Organizer) is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Liège. Her main research interests are in the field of power system dynamics, with emphasis on real-time transient stability assessment and control (preventive and emergency). She is the author of many papers and two books. In 1996, she established the CCLab with the assistance of T.E. Dy-Liacco and L. Wehenkel. M. Pavella is a Fellow of I.E.E.E.

Jean-Louis Coullon is the Head of the Product Support for the International Market in the Control Center Division of CEGELEC(?)-ALSTOM. He manages product-related activities for electric distribution, transmission and deregulation. He has been working with CEGELEC for 8 years. Before joining CEGELEC, he was involved in different real time software business, including Robotics and Automatic Test Equipment. J.-L. Coullon is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (France).

Tomas E. Dy-Liacco. Often referred to as the father of modern energy control centers, T.E. Dy-Liacco has had a long and continuing career as a researcher, developer and international consultant in SCADE/EMS. DMS and hydro power plant automation. He pioneered in developing the basic concepts of security control and several industry-first applications of advanced real-time functions in control centers. As a consultant he has assisted in the planning, implementation and testing of nearly 40 control center projects in more than 20 countries. T.E. Dy-Liacco is a Life Fellow of I.E.E.E. and is the founder and chairman of the International Electric Power Control Center Workshop held biennially in Europe.

Jean-Michel Glachant is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Since 1991 he has been Deputy Director of the Research Center Analysis and Theories of Organizations and Markets. In November 1998 he organized the International Conference in Paris on Electricity in Europe in the 21st Century : What Performances and What Game Rules ? J.-M. Glachant is currently doing studies of European electricity reforms for the French Ministry of Industry. He has written several articles on the restructuring of electric utilities.

Vinnakota Veera Raju is Head of the software integration effort at the CCLab of the University of Liège. He has had more than 15 years experience at CMC Ltd. (India) in control center software, particularly in the design and development of security analysis functions for many control center projects. V.V. Raju has published more than 20 papers in technical journals on security analysis, state estimation, economic dispatch, voltage stability, power system restoration and on power scheduling in a de-regulated environment.

Thierry Van Cutsem is a Research Director of the FNRS (Belgian Fund for Scientific Research) and a lecturer at the University of Liège. He has been working for 10 years in the field of voltage stability. Th. Van Cutsem is working with electric power companies on projects dealing with preventive and corrective aspects of voltage stability and security. He is co-author of the recently published book entitled ‘Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems’ (Kluwer).

Jean-Pierre Waha has over 20 years experience in transmission planning, system operation, telecommunications, substations, and SCADA/EMS control center design and implementation. Until recently, he was the Manager of the Operation Department of CPTE, the organization in charge of the Belgian National Power Grid Control Center. J.-P. Waha has been the Chairman of the CIGRE SC39 (Power System Operation and Control) since 1994. He has written several papers on deregulation, inter-utility data exchanges for operation, and system automation.

Louis Wehenkel is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Liège, where he teaches stochastic methods and their application to large scale engineering problems. He is doing research in automatic learning and its application to power system engineering (dynamic security and economics) in collaboration with industrial partners. L. Wehenkel is the author of the recently published book entitled ‘Automatic Learning Techniques in Power Systems’ (Kluwer).

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