Information and coding theory (2017-2018)

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  • Do not forget to read and follow the policy for plagiarism (here) otherwise, you expose yourself to measures taken by the ULg against plagiarism (here).
  • New with MatLab? I suggest you to follow this short tutorial to get used to Matlab (here).

Agenda (Exercice sessions and projects)

15/02 Presentation of the practical part of the course
22/02 Project 1 Statement
Exercises 1 and 3
1/03 Project 1 Q&A
8/03 Project 2 Statement and files
9/03 Project 1 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)
15/03 Project 2 Q&A
30/03 Project 2 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)
29/03 Project 3 Statement (available after the course)
20/04 Project 3 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

It is strongly recommanded to participate to Q&A sessions and to read the F.A.Q. section before any mail question.
  • If issue "Unexpected matlab expression workspacefunc" when installing the toolbox BNT: see this solution. You may have to delete this file "bnt/KPMtools/strsplit.m".