Information and coding theory (2017-2018)

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  • Updated version of summary exercises ('1-q' instead of 'q-1' in Ex 1.1): thank you for noticing it.
  • An example of exercise: here.
  • Project 3: deadline extended.
  • It is strongly recommanded to participate to Q&A sessions if you have questions.
  • Do not forget to read and follow the policy for plagiarism (here) otherwise, you expose yourself to measures taken by the ULg against plagiarism (here).
  • New with MatLab? I suggest you to follow this short tutorial to get used to Matlab (here).

Agenda (Exercice sessions and projects)

15/02 Presentation of the practical part of the course
22/02 Project 1 Statement
Exercises 1 and 3
1/03 Project 1 Q&A
8/03 Project 2 Statement and files
9/03 Project 1 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)
15/03 Project 2 Q&A
29/03 Project 2 Q&A
Exercises about graphical models
2/04 Project 2 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)
3/04 Project 3 Statement and files
19/04 Project 3 Q&A
26/04 Project 3 Q&A
29/04 Project 3 Deadline (via Submission Plateform)
3/05 Source coding A short feedback about project 3 and some exercises
17/05 Summary session Exercises about everything

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

It is strongly recommanded to participate to Q&A sessions and to read the F.A.Q. section before any mail question.
  • If issue "Unexpected matlab expression workspacefunc" when installing the toolbox BNT: see this solution. You may have to delete this file "bnt/KPMtools/strsplit.m".
  • In project 2, question 9, you have to have to read "Considering your result of question 14 of the first part of the project, could you justify your answer with the theory of graphical models".