Stochastic Methods

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Service of Stochastic Methods,
University of Liège,
Institute Montefiore,
Sart-Tilman B28,
B-4000 Liège Belgium.

M.-B. Lecomte, Room II.95
Int+ (0)4 366 2688 Fax: Int+ (0)4 366 2984
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Office		Member			Status			Tel.	E-mail

II-94		WEHENKEL Louis		(Dr, Prof.)		2684

0-64-Math	ROUSSEAUX Patricia	(Dr)			2685

0-13-Math	VAN CUTSEM Thierry	(Dr, Rech.)	2689 ;  Fax 4582      

II-95		LECOMTE Marie-Berthe	(Secrétariat)		2688

R-71		AUVRAY Vincent		(PhD stud.)		2645 

R-76		CAPITANESCU Florin	(Ing.Rech.)		2716

I-71-b		DEL ANGEL Alberto	(PhD stud.)		2718 

II-99		ERNST Damien		(Ch.FNRS)		9624

R-73		GEURTS Pierre		(Ch.FNRS)		4815

I-11-Math	GRENIER Marie-Eve	(DEA stud.)		2626 	

R-72		MAREE Raphaël		(Ing.Rech.)		2644 

0-10-Math	OTOMEGA Bogdan		(PhD stud.)		9627	 

0-12-Math	N'GUESSAN Alexandre 	(Chercheur)		9622

0-63-Math	PAVELLA Mania		(Dr, Prof.)		2682