Bours's publications with Systems and Modeling

Renaud Schoemans, Marie-Stéphane Aigrot, Chaohong Wu, Raphaël Marée, Pengyu Hong, Shibeshi Belachew, Claire Josse, Catherine Lubetzki, Vincent Bours
Journal of Inherited Metabolism Disease, Volume 33, Number 2, page 113-120 - 2010
Christelle Lecut, Kim Frederix, D.M. Johnson, C. Deroanne, M. Thiry, C. Faccinetto, N. Ruzicka, Raphaël Marée, R.J. Evans, P. Volders, Vincent Bours, Cécile Oury
Journal of Immunology - 2009
Marie-Alice Meuwis, Marianne Fillet, Pierre Geurts, Dominique deSeny, Laurence Lutteri, Jean-Paul Chapelle, Vincent Bours, Louis Wehenkel, Jacques Belaiche, Michel Malaise, Edouard Louis, Marie-Paule Merville
Biochemical Pharmacology, Volume 73, Number 9, page 1422--1433 - May 2007
Dominique deSeny, Marianne Fillet, Marie-Alice Meuwis, Pierre Geurts, Laurence Lutteri, Clio Ribbens, Vincent Bours, Louis Wehenkel, Jacques Piette, Michel Malaise, Marie-Paule Merville
Arthritis and Rheumatism, Volume 52, Number 12, page 3801--3812 - nov 2005