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Past events

The abstracts and the presentation slides can be accessed below. Please note that some links might require you to login (available only to the research unit members).

Past events from December 2016 to December 2017

January 2017
Date Time Event Location
20.01.2017 (Friday) Seminar by Mustapha Lebbah Page
December 2016
Date Time Event Location
16.12.2016 (Friday) 11:00 Seminar by Jean-Dominique Polack Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28) Page
09.12.2016 (Friday) 11:00 Seminar: Chance-Constrained Convex Mixed-Integer Programs and Beyond Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28)
02.12.2016 (Friday) 11:00 Seminar: Etude de deux applications médicales utilisant la propagation des ondes électromagnétiques: EEG et diagnostic d’AVC Room R7, Montefiore Institute (B28) Webpage

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