BBC 2009 tentative schedule
V Monday 14 December
V Morning
09:00 09:45
* Registration
09:45 10:00
* Welcome
10:00 11:00
V Invited talk
* M.Madan Babu. Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins: Regulation and Disease
11:00 12:20
V session 1
V Virus/host relations: analysing their interactions and co-evolution through data integration
* L. Palmeira, S. Penel, V. Navratil, J. Pellet, B. de Chassey, L. Meyniel, V. Lotteau, C. Gautier, and C. Rabourdin-Combe
V Prediction of genetic interactions in Yeast using machine learning
* M. Schrynemackers, P. Geurts, L. Wehenkel, and M. Madan Babu
V A generic gene regulatory network reconstruction method: application to Lactococcus lactis MG1363
* D. H.J Theunissen, R. W.W. Brouwer, O. P. Kuipers, J. Hugenholtz, R. J. Siezen, S.A.F.T. van Hijum
V Classification and biomarker identification using gene network modules and support vector machines
* M. Yousef, M. Ketany, L. Manevitz, L. C. Showe, and M. K. Showe
12:20 14:30
* Lunch break and poster session
V Afternoon
14:30 15:50
V Session 2
V Robust biomarker identification for cancer diagnosis using ensemble feature selection methods
* T. Abeel, T. Helleputte, Y. Van de Peer, P. Dupont and Y. Saeys
V Improved microarray-based decision support with graph encoded interactome data
* A. Daemen, M. Signoretto, O. Gevaert, J. AK Suykens, and B. De Moor
V Transcription factor regulation can be accurately predicted from the presence of target gene signatures in microarray gene expression data
* A. Essaghir, F. Toffalini, L. Knoops, A. Kallin, J. van Helden and JB Demoulin
V Unsupervised microarray analysis of glioma reveals prognostically relevant subgroups
* O. Gevaert, L.A.M. Gravendeel, J.J. De Rooi., A.P. Stubbs, A. Daemen, B. De Moor, P.J. van der Spek, and P.J. French
15:50 16:10
* Coffee break
16:10 16:50
V Session 3
V Top-Down Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction
* E. Costa, C. Vens, and H. Blockeel
V The Effect of Orthology and Coregulation on Detecting Regulatory Motifs
* V. Storms, M. Claeys, A. Sanchez, B. De Moor, A. Verstuyf, K. Marchal
16:50 17:50
V Invited talk
* Pierre Rouzé. From protists to plants, fungi and animals : eukaryote genomes are not born equal
* Welcom reception
V Tuesday 15 December
V Morning
09:30 10:30
V Invited talk
* Thomas Sauter. Modeling and Analysis of Metabolic and Signaling Networks using Bottom-Up Approaches
10:30 11:50
V Session 4
V Identification of biochemical reaction systems using semi-definite programming
* D. Fey and E. Bullinger
V Mechanisms of redundancy between signaling pathways
* S. van Wageningen, P. Kemmeren, A.J. Miles, R. Aldecoa Garcia, C. Ko, D. Fiedler, N.J. Krogan, and F.C.P. Holstege
V Supervised prediction of heart failure through transcriptional association networks
* I. Nepomuceno, F. Azuaje, P. V. Nazarov, A. Muller, Y. Devaux, L. Vallar, J. S. Aguilar-Ruiz, and D. R. Wagner
V Anatomically Guided Differential Analysis of Neurodegenerative Alterations in Tissue via Mass Spectral Imaging and Spatial Querying
* R. Van de Plas, K. Pelckmans, T. Philips, B. De Moor, and E. Waelkens
11:50 14:00
* Lunch break and poster session
V Afternoon
14:00 15:20
V Session 5
V Selecting multiple epistatic models using MB-MDR
* T. Cattaert, J. M. Mahachie John, and K. Van Steen
V Mutation prioritization for next-generation sequencing
* C. Gilissen , N. Wieskamp, A. Hoischen, P. Arts, W. A. van der Vliet, M. Buckley, H. Scheffer, H.G. Brunner, and J.A. Veltman
V Identification of a network of co-occurring, tumor-related DNA copy number changes using a genome-wide scoring approach
* C. Klijn, J. Bot, D. J. Adams, M. Reinders, L. Wessels, and J. Jonkers
V Detecting Breakpoints of Large Deletions and Medium Sized Insertions on the Low Coverage Samples of 1000 Genomes Project from Pair-end Short Reads
* K. Ye, K. Walter, M. Hurles, and Z. Ning
15:20 16:20
V Invited talk
* Jeroen Raes. Untangling microbial ecosystems using metagenomics: from the oceans to human disease
16:20 16:30
* Closing