ELEN0040-1 : Digital Electronics


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will master the fundamentals of the design of digital circuits.

cf. Programme des cours

Subjects covered: Numbers and binary codes, boolean algebra, combinational circuits (simplification, implementation with programmable circuits), synchronous sequential circuits (registers, counters, implementation with programmable circuits), bus, memories, processing units and controllers. VHDL langage is used throughout the course.

Reference BookLogic and Computer Design Fundamentals (4th Edition), by M. Morris Mano and Charles R. Kime  -  Chapters 1 to 10


Course Organization

10 Theory lessons: Wednesday morning 8:00 - 09:45 (in French with slides in English), Room: A142 (B7b)

2 sessions of Introduction to VHDL: 10:00 - 12:00, Room: A142 (B7b) (in French)

6 sessions of Tutorials (supervised exercises) on wednesday morning 10:00 - 12:00 (in French),
Rooms distribution: Group 1 (names from A → Ewbank (incl.)), Group 2 (Fares → Morre (incl.)), Group 3 (Morenne → Z)
2 practical sessions (Labs) and 1 project (in French)




Theory Slides !not up to date!



Suggested exercises : all_repet.pdf

Exercises Slides

  • Tutorial 1 - Solution: Boolean algebra and function implementation
  • Tutorial 2Solution: Karnaugh maps
  • Tutorial 3Solution: Combinational circuits analysis
  • Tutorial 4 - Solution: Synthesis of combinational circuits
  • TD 1 - Enoncé - Solution: Combinational logic
  • Tutorial 5 - Solution: Sequential systems analysis
  • Tutorial 6 - Solution - Ex 21 Moore: Synthesis of sequential circuits

  • VHDL !


    N-HITec Presentation


    Practical sessions - Labs !

    Introduction au projet VHDL : Implémentation de fonctions simples par circuits intégrés standards et de petits systèmes par circuits programmables (PLD).

    Labs - A lire avant les laboratoires!

    Laboratory schedule

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  • Q&A sessions

  • 22/03: 12h45, 1.18
  • Project groups

  • groups
  • Examination

    Theory part !not up to date!

    Exercises part !not up to date!

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    Prof. Jean-Michel Redouté: Institut Montefiore (B28) I.83b, jean-michel.redoute@uliege.be

    Loïc Burger:
    Institut Montefiore (B28) 1.84a, lburger@uliege.be
    Delphine Cerica
    : Institut Montefiore (B28) 1.85a, dcerica@uliege.be
    Anaïs Halin: Institut Montefiore (B28), 2.99, Anais.Halin@uliege.be

    Labs and project:
    Thibaud Peers: Institut Montefiore (B28), R14.a, Thibaud.Peers@uliege.be

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