ELEN0040-1 : Digital Electronics


Course Objectives

Giving the fundamentals of digital circuits and illustrating their use by the study of a computer circuits.

cf. Programme des cours 2016-2017

Subjects covered: Numbers and binary codes; Logical algebra; Combinational circuits; Simplification and various implementations of integrated circuits; Sequential circuits; Registers and counters; Transfers between registers, buses, memories and programmable circuits; Part operative; Machine instruction formats; Execution of an instruction; IO operations.

Reference BookLogic and Computer Design Fundamentals (4th Edition), by M. Morris Mano and Charles R. Kime  -  Chapters 1 to 10


Course Organization

Theory lessons: Thursday afternoon 13:45 - 15:30. (in English), Room: R30 (B6d)

Tutorials: 6 sessions of supervised exercises (Tutorials) on thursday afternoon 15:45 - 17:45,
Tutorials: Rooms: T1-2: S24 & S32 (B5b) ; T3,4,6: S24 & S30 (B5b) ; T5: R30 (B6d)
Tutorials: 2 sessions of Introduction to VHDL: 15:45 - 17:45, Room:
R30 (B6d) (in French)
Tutorials: 2 practical sessions (Labs) and 1 project. (in French)

Interrogations: 15:45 - 17:45. (in French), Room: 202 (B7b)



Theory Classes




Suggested exercises : all_repet.pdf

Exercises Slides

  • Tutorial 1 - Solutions: Boolean algebra and function implementation
  • Tutorial 2Solutions: Karnaugh maps
  • Tutorial 3Solutions* - ex suppl. 37: Combinational circuits analysis
  • Tutorial 4Solutions: Synthesis of combinational circuits
  • Tutorial 5Solutions: Sequential systems analysis
  • Tutorial 6Solutions: Synthesis of sequential circuits

    *Corr.- Ex.35: S1_(mux2) = S_(HA2) = X xor not(A)

  • VHDL


    Practical sessions - Labs (R100 montéfiore)

    Introduction au projet VHDL : Implémentation de fonctions simples par circuits intégrés standards et de petits systèmes par circuits programmables (PLD).



    Interro 1 - Results - Correction

    Interro 2 - Results - Correction



    Theory part

    Exercises part

    Grades weighting formula



    Theory :
    Michael Kraft: Institut Montefiore (B28) I.83b, m.kraft@ulg.ac.be

    Delphine Cerica: Institut Montefiore (B28) I.85a, dcerica@ulg.ac.be
    Quentin Massoz: Institut Montefiore (B28) R137, quentin.massoz@ulg.ac.be

    Labs and project:
    Thomas Schmitz: Institut Montefiore (B28) I.81a, T.Schmitz@ulg.ac.be

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