Research Projects

Ongoing projects

SILENTHALPIC: (2017-2018)

This research is intended to develop active and passive solutions to reduce the noise generated by decentralized autonomous ventilation units

SWGREEN: Generated and Recuperated Energy for Environmental Nolvelty (2012-17)

We participate to this project funded by the Region Wallonia (Marshall plan, Skywin pole) through the development of Active noise control solution in large ducts. Active noise control is particularly efficient at low frequencies (below 200-300 Hz), and is therefore complementary to passive sound absorption solutions (absorbing baffles).

Development of a spherical array of microphones and applications in room acoustics (2012- )

This project was initiated with a Master thesis: a spherical array of 16 electret microphones has been built in our laboratory and Matlab functions were developed to provide beamforming. The main objective is the measurement of Directional (or spatial) room impulse response from which several spatial parameters can be computed for room acoustics applications. Further research is carried out to improve the accuracy and reliability of this instrument.

Modeling and analysis of nonlinear systems applied to a guitar signal chain. (2012-)

This PhD project will be largely devoted to methods for analysing and modeling nonlinear systems. These methods will be put into practice by modeling a guitar signal chain for real-time applications.

T. Schmitz's Ph.D. project.

Music Similarity techniques for content-based music information retrieval in large-scale databases (2011-2017)

This PhD project aims at developping new techniques for musical similarities in huge databases. Applications of such techniques are plagiarism detection, music recommendation based on content, new ways of browsing huge databases, etc.

J. Osmalskyj's Ph.D. project.

Real-time auralization (2003-)

This general project started with the research project CINEMA and continued with AURALIAS (see below), both sponsored by the Region of Wallonia. Further developments are still provided, in particular through Masters' projects carried out by supervised students.

Modelling and measuring sound scattering on rough surfaces for room acoustics applications (1994-)

Most recent developments concern the determination of the random-incidence scattering coefficients of periodic surfaces (sine-shaped and rectangular profiles).

SALREV: Development of a ray-tracing software for room acoustics (1980-)



Some completed projects

MINOWIN: Modelling the Impact of Noise generated by Offshore WINd turbines (2013-2015)

This project aims at the development of a computer model for predicting the propagation of noise generated by offshore wind turbines under the sea surface, both during their construction and their daily operations.

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 1217922) and G-Tech s.a. (Herstal/Liege)

Acceleration of sound ray tracing methods for simulation in room acoustics (2007-2013)

S. Lesoinne's Ph.D. project.

Perception and acoustical comfort of air treatment systems (2009-2013)

A. Minard's Ph.D. project (a collaboration with the university of La Rochelle and CIAT, Culoz, France)

SIDEAC: Modelling sound diffraction by noise barriers (2008-2012)

A. Billon's Post-Doc project.

Financial support by the National fund for scientific research (FNRS-FRFC).

AURALIAS: Audio-visual immersion for room acoustics, linked with an interactive auralization system (2007-2011)

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 616416).

CINEMA: Audio-visual immersion in a 3D scene (2003-2007)

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 021/5392).


Modelling and on-site photometrical measurements of the light reflected by road surfaces (2002-2007)

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 4330 and 5041) and R-Tech s.a. (Liege)


Active noise control applications for building acoustics (2001-2005)

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 114890).

Optimal reflectors for street luminaires (2001-2002)

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (RW 4111) and R-Tech s.a. (Liege)

Emotional Text-to-Speech (1996-2000

Financial support by the Region of Wallonia (FIRST 3321).

Modelling and measuring light reflection on rough surfaces for lighting applications, including the development of a radiosity software named LUXCALC (1988-1997)

J.J. Embrechts' Research project for the "Agregation" thesis.