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Workshop : The next generation of artificial intelligence


World of Watson (WoW) is a 4-day conference organized every year in Las Vegas by IBM. I was invited to the 2016 edition by our partner NRB, which is itself an IBM-partner.

This year’s WoW conference attracted around 17000 participants from all over the world, split into around 200 different rooms. I have put the focus mainly on talks linked with artifical intelligence, in the broad sense. I will try to present within an hour, as much as possible of the incredible things that I discovered there.

To already give you an idea of what my talk will be about, let me say a few words about Watson. It is an artificial intelligence cognitive computing system created by IBM, that can deal with massive amount of unstructured data and interface with human beings in ways that had never be seen before. It is well know from having won the jeopardy game-show in 2011, but this is not what it was about. It was about the beginning of the next era of computing.

Nowadays, Watson is used to improve decision making in health care, financial services and education, to name just three industries among many impacted by this technology. In this sense, Watson can be seen as an extended intelligence, rather than an artificial intelligence, since it’s purpose is to augment human intelligence through the help of machines, rather than replacing humans through machines, …