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Research Groups - Electronics, Microsystems, Measurements, and Instrumentation (EMMI)


The EMMI research unit is composed of three research groups. To see detailed information about their activities, click on their name.

  • Microelectronicsand microsystems (Prof. M. Kraft)

    The research interests of this group are concentrated onmicrotechnology, in the complementary domains of microelectronics andmicrosystems. These activities have a strong bias towardsmicrofluidics and its applications in industry or in biomedicalengineering. Biomedical applications developed by this research grouphave led to the creation of a spin-off (NOMICS sa) that specializes incontrol and signal processing in biomedical systems.

  • Measurements and Instumentation laboratory (Prof. Ph. Vanderbemden)

    This research group is mainly interested in applying and developing sensitive measurement techniques in order to characterize the electrical, thermal, and magnetic properties of various materials, in particular:

    • "functional" ceramic materials exhibiting non linear properties: High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS), Colossal Magneto-Resistive (CMR) materials, nanostructured magnetic materials, ...
    • Dielectrics and Insulators

    These research activities are closely related to the development of electrical engineering applications involving superconductors as well as magnetic sensors.

  • Electronics (Prof. B. Vanderheyden)

    This group is mainly interested in applying many-bodymethods for modeling the electrical, magnetic, or electromagneticproperties of various materials. Current research topics are:

    • magnetic properties of high-Tcsuperconductors (ceramics) that are used in electrical engineeringapplications such as magnetic shielding and permanent magnets,
    • magnetic properties of nanostructured magnetic materials,
    • conduction mechanisms in antistatic textiles,
    • random matrix models for phase transitions.

Professional services

The EMMI research unit can provide several consulting services as wellas services for industries interested in technology transfer.

Domains of expertise for consulting services (follow the links for more information):

Technology transfer in relation to ARAMIS