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Pierre Bellier - Publications ORBI
Bellier, P., Laurent, P., Stoukatch, S., Dupont, F., Joris, L., & Kraft, M. (2018). Autonomous micro-platform for multisensors with an advanced power management unit (PMU). Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems, 7(1), 299-308.
Peer reviewed (verified by ORBi)
In this work, we developed and characterised an autonomous micro-platform including several types of sensors, an advanced power management unit (PMU) and radio frequency (RF) transmission capabilities ...
Colson, G., Laurent, P., Bellier, P., Stoukatch, S., Dupont, F., & Kraft, M. (2017, May 10). Smart-shoes self-powered by walking. Poster session presented at Body sensor networks, Eindhoven, Pays-bas.
Peer reviewed
Nowadays, electronic devices are more and more compact and can be integrated in nearly every object. One of the remaining challenges is to provide smarter ways to power those electronic devices. Because of the ...
Stoukatch, S., Léonard, J., Bellier, P., Axisa, F., & Destiné, J. (2014). Wearable respiratory belt for human breathing control. Conf. Proc. Smart Systems Integration Conf. (SSI2014).
We designed and manufactured a working prototype of a wearable respiratory belt. The belt can work as a stand along system or can be embedded into clothes. The system is intended for remote health monitoring ...