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Cyril Soldani - Publications ORBI
Barbette, T., Soldani, C., & Mathy, L. (2015). Fast Userspace Packet Processing. Proceedings of ANCS 2015.
Peer reviewed
In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of high speed packet I/O frameworks, bringing unprecedented network performance to userspace. Using the Click modular router, we first review and quantitatively ...
Soldani, C., & Leduc, G. (2009). Optimisation des débits des couches d'une transmission vidéo multipoint avec une meilleure prise en compte du surcoût d'encodage. CFIP'2009. HAL INRIA.
Peer reviewed
In video stream transmission, one often proposes to solve the problem of the heterogeneity of the receivers by dividing the stream into several cumulative layers distributed over multicast transmission. A ...
Soldani, C., Verdicchio, F., Leduc, G., & Munteanu, A. (2006, August). Multiple Description Coding versus Transport Layer FEC for Resilient Video Transmission. IEEE.
Peer reviewed
Video content delivery is a challenging task due to its large bandwidth requirements and its sensitivity to transmission errors. In this context, simultaneously providing scalability and resilience against ...