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Fagnard, J.-F., Crate, D., Jamoye, J.-F., Laurent, P., Mattivi, B., Cloots, R., Ausloos, M., Genon, A., & Vanderbemden, P. (2006). Use of a High-Temperature Superconducting Coil for Magnetic Energy Storage. Institute of Physics Conference Series, 43, 829-832.
Peer reviewed
A high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage device (SMES) has been realised using a 350 m-long BSCCO tape wound as a ''pancake'' coil. The coil is mounted on a cryocooler allowing temperatures ...
Remacle, J.-F., Dular, P., Henrotte, F., Genon, A., & Legros, W. (1995). Error estimation and mesh optimisation using error in constitutive relation for electromagnetic field computation. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 31(6), 3587-3589.
Peer reviewed (verified by ORBi)
This paper presents a complete methodology to control the quality of electromagnetic field computation using the finite element method. An error estimate is built up using the error in the constitutive ...