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Samy Aittahar - Publications ORBI
Aittahar, S., Sootla, A., & Ernst, D. (Other coll.). (2016, September 19). Policy transfer using Value Function as Prior Information. Paper presented at Phd Forum, Riva del Garda, Italy.
Peer reviewed
This work proposes an approach based on reward shaping techniques in a reinforcement learning setting to approximate the opti- mal decision-making process (also called the optimal policy) in a desired task ...
Aittahar, S., François-Lavet, V., Lodeweyckx, S., Ernst, D., & Fonteneau, R. (2015). Imitative Learning for Online Planning in Microgrids. In W. L., Woon, A., Zeyar, & M., Stuart (Eds.), Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration (pp. 1-15). Springer.
Peer reviewed
This paper aims to design an algorithm dedicated to operational planning for microgrids in the challenging case where the scenarios of production and consumption are not known in advance. Using expert ...