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Isabelle Mainz - Publications ORBI
Boigelot, B., & Mainz, I. (2018). Efficient Symbolic Representation of Convex Polyhedra in High-Dimensional Spaces. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Peer reviewed
This work is aimed at developing an efficient data structure for representing symbolically convex polyhedra. We introduce an original data structure, the Decomposed Convex Polyhedron (DCP), that is closed ...
Boigelot, B., Mainz, I., Marsault, V., & Rigo, M. (2017). An efficient algorithm to decide periodicity of b-recognisable sets using MSDF convention. Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, 80.
Peer reviewed
Given an integer base b>1, a set of integers is represented in base b by a language over {0,1,...,b-1}. The set is said to be b-recognisable if its representation is a regular language. It is known that ...
Boigelot, B., Herbreteau, F., & Mainz, I. (2014). Acceleration of Affine Hybrid Transformations. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8837, 31-46.
Peer reviewed
This work addresses the computation of the set of reachable configurations of linear hybrid automata. The approach relies on symbolic state-space exploration, using acceleration in order to speed up the ...