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Korian Edeline - Publications ORBI
Edeline, K., & Donnet, B. (2017). A First Look at the Prevalence and Persistence of Middleboxes in the Wild. International Teletraffic Congress.
Peer reviewed
Recent years have seen an uprise in the development of middleboxes functionalities (CGNATs, proxies, accelerators, etc), participating so in the ossification of the Internet. In parallel, various solutions ...
Edeline, K., Kühlewind, M., Trammell, B., & Donnet, B. (2017). copycat: Testing Differential Treatment of New Transport Protocols in the Wild. Applied Networking Research Workshop.
Peer reviewed
Recent years have seen the development of multiple transport solutions to address the ossification of TCP in the Internet, and to ease transport-layer extensibility and deployability. Recent approaches, such ...
Zullo, R., Pescapé, A., Edeline, K., & Donnet, B. (2017). Hic Sunt NATs: Uncovering Address Translation with a Smart Traceroute. IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement (MNM).
Peer reviewed
Middleboxes are pervasive in today's Internet as they are deployed for an increasing number of reasons. An example is the network address translation (NAT), one of the first task to be performed to cope with ...
Neuhaus, S., Münter, R., Edeline, K., Donnet, B., & Gubser, E. (2016). Towards an Observatory for Network Transparency Research. Applied Networking Research Workshop.
Peer reviewed
The Internet is full of middleboxes that change packets and flows. In fact, there is probably no IP or TCP header that is not affected by at least one middlebox. Obviously, middleboxes impede path ...
Edeline, K., & Donnet, B. (2015). Towards a Middlebox Policy Taxonomy: Path Impairments. International Workshop on Network Science for Communication Networks (NetSciCom): Hong Kong April 27 2015.
Peer reviewed
Recent years have seen the rise of middleboxes, such as firewalls, NATs, proxies, or Deep Packet Inspectors. Those middleboxes play an important role in today's Internet, including enterprise networks and ...
Thirion, V., Edeline, K., & Donnet, B. (2015). Tracking Middleboxes in the Mobile World with TraceboxAndroid. 7th International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA).
Peer reviewed
Middleboxes are largely deployed over cellular networks. It is known that they might disrupt network performance, expose users to security issues, and harm protocols deployability. Further, hardly any network ...