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Tom Barbette - Publications ORBI
Barbette, T., Soldani, C., & Mathy, L. (2015). Fast Userspace Packet Processing. Proceedings of ANCS 2015.
Peer reviewed
In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of high speed packet I/O frameworks, bringing unprecedented network performance to userspace. Using the Click modular router, we first review and quantitatively ...
Barbette, T. (2013). Implémentation d'un Système de Contrôle Domotique. Unpublished master thesis, Université de Liège, ​Liège, ​​Belgique.
This paper presents the realization, the context, and the prospects of an automa- tion control interface. The interface is flexible, capable of adapt to all energy and all types of meters. It has been designed ...