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Schmitz, T., & Embrechts, J.-J. (2016). A new toolbox for the identification of diagonal Volterra kernels allowing the emulation of nonlinear audio devices. In T., Schmitz, International Congress on Acoustics : ICA, Argentine 5-9 Septembre 2016.
Numerous audio systems are nonlinear. It is thus of great importance to study them and understand how they work. Volterra series model and its subclass (cascade Hammerstein-Wiener model) are usual ways to ...
Schmitz, T. (2016, January 25). Emulate an analog nonlinear audio device, is it possible ? Paper presented at Young acoustician day's, Gent, Belgium.
Non linear audio device emulation by means of Hammerstein model identification by sine sweep technique
Schmitz, T., & Embrechts, J.-J. (2014). Improvement in non-linear guitar loudspeaker sound reproduction. International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing.
Peer reviewed
This paper proposes a study of the accuracy of a guitar amplifier loudspeaker simulation. The simulation is based on a non-linear convolution of a signal using Volterra kernels, which are measured in anechoic ...