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Rémy Vandaele - Publications ORBI
Vandaele, R., LALLEMAND, F., MARTINIVE, P., GULYBAN, A., JODOGNE, S., COUCKE, P., Geurts, P., & Marée, R. (in press). Automated multimodal volume registration based on supervised 3D anatomical landmark detection. SCITEPRESS Digital Library.
Peer reviewed
We propose a new method for automatic 3D multimodal registration based on anatomical landmark detection. Landmark detectors are learned independantly in the two imaging modalities using Extremely Randomized ...
Marée, R., Rollus, L., Stévens, B., Hoyoux, R., Louppe, G., Vandaele, R., Begon, J.-M., Kainz, P., Geurts, P., & Wehenkel, L. (2016, January 10). Collaborative analysis of multi-gigapixel imaging data using Cytomine. Bioinformatics, 7.
Peer reviewed (verified by ORBi)
Motivation: Collaborative analysis of massive imaging datasets is essential to enable scientific discoveries. Results: We developed Cytomine to foster active and distributed collaboration of ...