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Latour, P., & Van Droogenbroeck, M. (2017, October 09). The LNQ25 and ELN PVT Metrics Exhibit a Good Sensitivity to Sleep Deprivation and are Independent from the Subject. Poster session presented at World Sleep Congress 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.
Peer reviewed
Introduction Performance of people undergoing critical tasks (like driving) may be impaired completely by the lowering of their vigilance level, due to sleep deprivation for instance. This reduction of ...
Laugraud, B., Latour, P., & Van Droogenbroeck, M. (2015). Time Ordering Shuffling for Improving Background Subtraction. Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (pp. 58-69). Springer.
Peer reviewed
By construction, a video is a series of ordered frames, whose order is defined at the time of the acquisition process. Background subtraction methods then take this input video and produce a series of ...
Latour, P. (2014). Pattern Matching & Image Registration (Université de Liège, ELEN0016-2 Digital image and video processing).
This document is an overwiew of the objectives, methods and applications of pattern matching and image registration. Both pixel-based and features-based methods are reviewed and compared. Some applications to ...