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David Grogna - Publications ORBI
Loock, S., Grogna, D., Jaspar, M., Verly, J., & Nyssen, A.-S. (2017). IMPACT OF IMAGE BRIGHTNESS REDUCTION ON PERCEIVED QUALITY OF 3D EXPERIENCE FOR 3D CINEMA SPECTATORS. International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D).
Peer reviewed
3D movies are calibrated to meet a certain screen bright- ness standard. Therefore, what would be the consequences on the quality of the 3D experience for spectators watching a 3D movie when movie theaters ...
Grogna, D., Boutaayamou, M., & Verly, J. (2016). Method for detecting interest points in images using angular signatures. IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
Peer reviewed
We present an innovative method for detecting interest points (IPs) in grayscale and color images. It is based on the use of angular signatures (ASs), produced by spinning, at each pixel in the image, an "x ...
Lejeune, A., Grogna, D., Van Droogenbroeck, M., & Verly, J. (2014). Evaluation of pairwise calibration techniques for range cameras and their ability to detect a misalignment. International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D) (pp. 1-6).
Peer reviewed
Many applications require the use of multiple cameras to cover a larger volume. In this paper, we evaluate several pair-wise calibration techniques dedicated to range cameras. We compare the precision of a ...
Grogna, D., Guerri, G., & Verly, J. (2014). Stereo matching method using multiple angular signatures matched by multidimensional dynamic time warping (MD-DTW). IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
Peer reviewed
We consider the problem of matching interest points (IPs) extracted from the two images of a stereoscopic pair. We describe each IP via a descriptor consisting in one angular signature for a grayscale image ...